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Samsung ProXpress C4062FX Driver Download

Samsung ProXpress C4062FX Driver

Samsung ProXpress C4062FX Printer Driver Download. This Samsung ProXpress C4062FX printer is very easy to use, quick to install and priced ok for a laser printer, what more could you ask for. Absolute a must have recommendation the device is very fast, frankly, I had expected much less. Price performance okay I would buy but no other printer. I use this Samsung ProXpress C4062FX printer both privately and in the office. A reliable device with cheap toners for an unbeatable price! This Samsung ProXpress C4062FX printer performs all tasks with very good performance. I have been looking for something comparable and affordable for a long time. Really great for the price. I have bought the device as a replacement for our old Brother MFC. The Samsung ProXpress C4062FX driver setup under Windows 10 is really easy and it does not even have to try the supplied CD. Scanning and printing goes smoothly, switching from sleep mode is still so speed, but it falls into sleep mode very quickly.

Driver Download Samsung ProXpress C4062FX Printer Installer
In Windows 7, it is a bit more expensive and scanning did not work without installing the software. The function of the software is comfortable then. All in all, for the price a really good device, which is not worthwhile anyway to repair at the price or if then again the roller must be replaced. I did not really want to buy a Samsung printer anymore because if the number of max. Printouts of the printers are set function until the roller is replaced (even if it would still work. The Samsung ProXpress C4062FX from a fast deal, very good condition, unfortunately the driver CD was missing, but it was easy to download from the internet. Stupid is that the toner had just under 85%, which is a real criticism and ensures a star deduction, I would not have expected, because otherwise the printer is fine.

Samsung ProXpress SL-C4062FX Drivers Download

Samsung ProXpress C4062FX Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung ProXpress C4062FX Download
The commissioning was certainly no problem. Print image and speed is perfect. Thus, a great device with deduction in the B note. I bought the Samsung ProXpress C4062FX printer because I was looking for a cheap multifunction device. Since I already run a laser printer from the company Samsung and he has not let me down for 4 years and some 1000 printed pages, my choice fell again on the same manufacturer. The device was quickly unpacked and set up, the installation was just as easy via USB. The only thing to watch out for is a recent driver and you should install the latest Samsung Easy Printer Manager to make the "Scan to PC" work. I have the printer now just under a week and have already printed with him about 300 pages and he purrs like a kitten. I could not perceive any. Samsung ProXpress C4062FX is ideally suited for working in a small office and a top investment for the little money. I am more than satisfied.

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Xerox VersaLink B400DN Driver Download

Xerox VersaLink B400DN Driver

Xerox VersaLink B400DN Printer Driver Download. The Xerox VersaLink B400DN has a very high print resolution of 2,400 x 1,200 dpi, which ensures very clear printing results. Lines, contours and letters are sharply focused on the paper and the printing speed is correspondingly high, as is typical for laser printers. Also in printing, the Xerox comes to similarly strong results as in black and white printing. Color have great opacity and surfaces are evenly printed. Testers are bothered by the fact that photos look a bit darker than on the original and recommend a quick readjustment of the corresponding setting in the printer driver.

Driver Download Xerox VersaLink B400DN Printer Installer
Although Xerox VersaLink B400DN laser printers tend to have a higher range than inkjet printers, the fact that you have to factor in just over 90 € for a black toner cartridge, the Xerox comes only on moderate B/W printing costs. After all, the range is neat with 5,500 pages. Xerox VersaLink B400DN printing is a bit more expensive in black and white printing. For the respective ink cartridges you have to plan about 140 € per color. This is quite a lot, despite good coverage of 4,300 pages per page. The Xerox has only the bare essentials of the office on board. Only the automatic duplex printing, the printer can call his own. However, this must first be activated and is not factory-ready.

Xerox VersaLink B400DN Drivers Download
Xerox VersaLink B400DN Driver Download

Printer Driver Xerox VersaLink B400DN Download
Via LAN cable, you can integrate the device into your network and send via AirPrint comfortable print jobs from Apple devices. Thanks to USB 3.0 connection, which is a rarity in printers and testers according to offers no added value, images and PDFs can be printed directly from the USB stick. Unfortunately, a WLAN module can only be upgraded later. The Xerox VersaLink B400DN paper tray of the Xerox color laser holds neat 300 pages of plain paper. For the operation in the home office, this is very lush and even in larger offices with high print volumes, the required paper supply is sufficient, so as not to constantly have to provide for paper replenishment.

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Samsung MultiXpress K3300 Driver Download

Samsung MultiXpress K3300 Driver

Samsung MultiXpress K3300 Printer Driver Download. The Samsung MultiXpress K3300 driver installation went straightaway and connection to the wireless also made on the first try. Device uses 2.4 GHz WLAN. I wanted a single device for printing (duplex), copying, faxing and scanning. There it is! This Samsung MultiXpress K3300 printer meets all my requirements, even surpassing them. Prints quickly and perfectly, scans impeccably, copies, pulls several sheets in one go. It works like a big man, I use it in my office. I am more than happy. I was skeptical at first if that would work, but I can only fully recommend it. The sometimes criticized cable is actually too short. But no problem, that is cheap and much longer to buy. Furthermore, the device should be as compact as possible, energy-saving and cheap, even in print. Absolutely important for me was that the device is not heard in standby, so while working not annoying. All this printer meets! The Samsung MultiXpress K3300 text print is also very good in the Toner saving setting.

Driver Download Samsung MultiXpress K3300
I was absolutely thrilled by the installation of the device under Windows 10 64-bit. Cable connected (mains, USB, telephone in LINE) and the CD purely. When the installation went through, everything worked fine. No hesitation, nothing. Top device for high demands. But the included Samsung utility is hardly to use and as promised. Easy installation and connection to WLAN. Toner could be larger when reimbursed. Excellent, easy to install, to print and really good and great quality and also good packaging. Samsung MultiXpress K3300 all in all a good printer. There is a star deduction because he has reported a paper jam one or the other while recording paper and letters even though the paper was not even fully contained. Otherwise very good software package for Windows, (App for Android), it is super easy to create PDF, etc. Would buy the printer again. Simply in connection and in the operation.

Samsung MultiXpress K3300NR Drivers Download
Samsung MultiXpress K3300 Driver Download

Printer Driver Samsung MultiXpress K3300 Download
I would buy it again at any time and can only recommend the device! I have the Samsung MultiXpress K3300 printer now for 2 months in (commercial) use, it does what it should, so no problems, all functions run. The driver installation in a small network of 3 PCs was also easy, even for me as an absolute layman. 1 point deduction because of the 2-line display (without touch), that's not up-to-date anymore, but I knew that before. TIP: The warranty extension here is very, very expensive, sometimes up to 100 EUR surcharge! I bought my printer online at Conrad, the price at that time was not even 5 EUR more expensive than here on Amazon. Advantage with Conrad: just before / at the same time get the free customer card, then you automatically have schonmal 2 instead of 3 years warranty. If that is not enough, then Conrad (online and in the store) can then buy the option of additional warranty extension to 48 months, costs about 17 EUR for this device, so you have then with customer card and the extra guarantee for about 20 EUR extra charge 4 years carefree guarantee. Watch out!

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Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Driver Download

Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Driver

Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Printer Driver Download. The Samsung MultiXpress X3280 served me now, then he did not feed the paper properly anymore and when I was working on it like I used to do over the years, if it did not work, I somehow tore off a piece of plastic and myself even the worst of your fingers burned, it was really bad, the pain by the way. The Samsung MultiXpress X3280 is functional, functional, well-made and makes a valuable impression. I can recommend the product to anyone without restrictions. The operation from the PC is a bit sluggish, the device prints and scans a bit slower than my second newer multifunction device but the part is completely reliable, easy to use; Manual is also easy to understand. In the meantime I work almost exclusively with rel. old the Samsung device. The pressure and scan quality adjustable is also very good in the economy mode. At the beginning I had some problems installing the software and had called the hotline.

Driver Download Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Printer Installer
The technically sound advice at Samsung Europe was not only good but excellent. After 30 seconds I had a specialist on the line, who informed me in detail about the technical requirements and also about the installation modes. Such a hotline I wish for many purely German manufacturers. I would rate the product especially because of the very good care by the manufacturer with 4 1/2 stars. The Samsung MultiXpress X3280 printer works very well with me. sometimes, when I give it used paper, it does not want to take it right. otherwise it runs fine and the toner cartridges are also to get cheap prices. This Samsung MultiXpress X3280 multifunction device is well suited for small and medium-sized offices. The durability of the toner is relatively good compared to many others. The print, scan and fax quality is unexpectedly good and more than sufficient for this price range. Only the warm-up time is a bit long, if the device from the sleep mode to start operation.

Samsung MultiXpress X3280NR Drivers Download
Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Driver

Printer Driver Samsung MultiXpress X3280 Download
The enormous size of the device is also an indication that the device belongs more in the office and not in the private household. On the negative side, Samsung's original toner is extremely expensive, but with the rebuilt toner for about 20-25% of the price, the printer works just as well and cleanly. The Samsung MultiXpress X3280 can do everything a top-of-the-range device can do. Features of the device include printing, scanning, copying and faxing. Both the copy and fax reception can be directly select the toner saving mode, as synonymous when printing from the PC. Only the operation of the menu on the device is a bit fumbling, but with a little practice you have got used to it quickly. In addition, it is a bit annoying when the printer has a say, when it has no paper or there is a paper jam. This is signaled through the internal speaker by an annoying sound. My conclusion: The Samsung MultiXpress X3280 is a good all-rounder with a good price-performance ratio.

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Canon Pixma TS3150 Driver Download

Canon Pixma TS3150 Driver

Canon Pixma TS3150 Printer Driver Download. This Canon Pixma TS3150 is a very good price for such a good printer. Fast installation and very good printing results. I would buy again at any time and can only recommend it. A wonderful device without problems easy to install makes top prints, price performance super. I am completely satisfied with it, why you have to write a long rezenssion. I have the printer without problems and can connect without cables to 2 phones and tablet. There have been no major problems so far and the print quality is great for normal home use. According to the person using the device now, great, easy to use, all functions are great. Also for inexperienced easy to use, according to the current owner. Very easy operation, expresses in a good quality. So I unpacked the part and because I know a lot about EDP, I thought I could quickly connect via WLAN and start printing.

Driver Download Canon Pixma TS3150 Printer Installer
But wrong thought, setting up the printer via wifi is simply impossible, but there is still the possibility to set up WiFi via USB. Usb cable connected, then WLAN set up via USB and it works. The cable is removed and printer prints via WiFi. So I can only recommend, equal to the option to set up Wi-Fi via USB. Now for printing, the quality of the prints is good. You can not expect more for the price. I have not tried the photo print yet. But you have to get used to the speed first. Everything takes forever. I can not tell if the printer itself or the wireless transmission. It looks like the printer is always waiting for data and then prints. So it makes bigger or smaller breaks when printing. Scanning takes quite a long time compared to other devices.

Canon Pixma TS3150 Drivers Download
Canon Pixma TS3150 Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS3150 Download
But you must not forget the price. If you, as I print only a little, can live well with it. But if you want to scan or print out several pages every day, you should rather keep your hands off the device. I would buy the Canon Pixma TS3150 again because it is completely sufficient for my claims. I had to set up the printer after a Windows reinstall. This time I had no problems with the set up via WLAN. Everything went smoothly Printing is now also without breaks. The problems with the initial setup probably came from my system. The Canon Pixma TS3150 printer is now in operation with me for 3 weeks, I am completely satisfied. I like the automatic switch on and off very well. I have now corrected my stars to 5.

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