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Canon Pixma TS3151 Driver Download

Canon Pixma TS3151 Driver

Canon Pixma TS3151 Printer Driver Download. The printer manufacture Canon has announced a new multifunctional 3-in-1 inkjet printer for users who want to print, scan and copy at home. The Pixma TS3100 series is user-friendly, has a stylish design and offers WiFi connectivity. This makes this 3-in-1 a great choice for families, students and anyone who wants to print both professional documents and photos of unique moments. This Canon Pixma TS3151 is an inkjet multifunction printer without a fax. Intended for domestic use. I can not predict how this model will come in tests because I have not tried similar or previous models. When a color runs out, it is necessary to replace the entire three-colored satchel because it does not use individual color tanks. The largest format that can be printed is A4. You can connect to the home network via Wifi. Thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, it is possible to print wirelessly from mobile devices. It comes with a monochrome LCD screen for easy use and is not equipped with a card slot, so you can not print directly from memory cards. Finally, this model is not equipped with NFC technology.

Canon Pixma TS3151 Printer Installer
The Canon Pixma TS3151 has a stylish design and is packed with smart features and features, such as a sensor for paper detection and the possibility of printing photos without a border. The wireless connectivity allows you to connect to a growing number of Canon apps. This Canon Pixma TS3151 printer is a compact, user-friendly printer and is available in both black and white. The durable top is scratch-resistant and easy to clean. This user-friendly 3-in-1 printer has a 3.8 cm LCD screen for quick configuration of the wireless functions. Users can check print and paper settings at a glance. Connecting to the printer is very simple: with one tap, users can enable Access Point mode to communicate with the printer without a router. The newly added paper detection function helps simplify and speed up the whole process and ideal for families and students.

Canon Pixma TS3151 Drivers Download
Canon Pixma TS3151 Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS3151 Download
The reliable WiFi connectivity of the Canon Pixma TS3151 provides more speed and flexibility, and allows users to print directly from their smartphone or tablet. The Canon Print app eliminates the need for a PC or Mac and creates a flawless, ineffective experience when printing, copying or scanning. With the Canon Print app, Pixma Cloud Link enables users to upload and print documents and photos from social networks and popular storage locations in the cloud, such as Google Drive. Whether it's printing or scanning, Pixma Cloud Link is ideal for photo enthusiasts and Instagrammers who want to print photos directly from social media. The Pixma TS3100 series supports prints in the square format of Instagram and produces photos without a border, so that users also get a perfect end result at home. The Canon Pixma TS3151 printer also supports AirPrint for Apple iOS, Mopria for Android and Windows 10 Mobile devices, so users can print directly.

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Canon Pixma TS3140 Driver Download

Canon Pixma TS3140 Driver

Canon Pixma TS3140 Printer Driver Download. The Canon Pixma TS3140 is a nice and compact printer. Can be easily installed easily. Of course it is not a photo printer, but my daughter has printed some pictures with it and they came out super, on photo paper of course. 3 times software reinstalled (Windows 10) and still does not work properly. Error messages ("printer does not respond") Print job remains in memory apparently because at night the entire paper stock is used with the same page. Very noisy. Ink up after 2 weeks. I would look a bit further before you purchase this Canon Pixma TS3140 printer. The Canon has been a leading supplier in the field of Digital Imaging and Information Technology since its foundation.

Canon Pixma TS3140 Printer Installer
Since 1937 individuals and companies have enjoyed the high quality products that Canon brings to the market. Canon's activities focus on two distinct markets: Business Imaging and Consumer Imaging. In the Europe, Canon is best known for the well-known photo and video equipment, printer scanners and faxes for the novice and professional photographer. You do not have to search long in the streets to see a Canon camera. The business philosophy of Canon, 'Kysosei', means living and working together for the common good. This philosophy forms the basis of everything Canon does. By developing sustainable production methods and choosing from a wide range of equipment, Canon strives for the very best and healthy growth of the company.

Canon Pixma TS3140 Drivers Download
Canon Pixma TS3140 Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS3140 Download
With the new Canon Message in Print app, users can include invisible messages in photo prints, such as animations, music, video or text. The recipient can decipher the message by keeping an iPhone above the photo print. By sharing memories in this personal way, Canon helps you tell the story behind your photos. The Canon Pixma TS3140 series is compatible with other Canon services and software such as Creative Park, Creative Park Premium, Easy Photo-Print + and My Image Garden. With this, the Pixma TS3150 printer offers fun for the whole family and inspires creativity with new, interactive ways to share photos. Whether you make personalized greeting cards and calendars or print photos for the family album, the Canon Pixma TS3140 guarantees hours of fun. The Pixma TS3150 series makes high quality prints at an affordable price, whether it's printing brilliant pictures of unforgettable stories or important documents. The Canon Pixma TS3100 series has a suggested retail price of € 49, - and is available from August 2017.

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Canon Pixma TS5053 Driver Download

Canon Pixma TS5053 Driver

Canon Pixma TS5053 Printer Driver Download. After the first test prints I am very satisfied. The only drawback would be the low printing speed! But you have to accept that before. After all, the printer was advertised as a cheaper "budget printer" and there you can be fully satisfied with this price. Canon Pixma TS5053 price performance is not the only thing that convinces this printer. The quality of the prints is great the color reproduction is perfect. you can also print photos and hardly knows a difference to photos that were worked out. The toner consumption could be less but if you print a lot holds a set about 4 months. So I can just be recommended. The delivery was also pretty fast. Canon Pixma TS5053 was easy to set up and the prints are more than acceptable for time and quality anyway for the price. Also the scan and copy function are good for the price. Class at Canon is that there are a lot of foreign cartridges are the Orig are indeed completely overpriced as everyone knows.

Canon Pixma TS5053 Printer Installer
The foreign cartridges you need synonymous Canon is well known for useless use of ink through superfluous nozzle test. I would buy the printer again. YES alone because of the compact design and ease of use and therefore 5 stars. Canon Pixma TS5053 driver installation was not as easy as I thought, even hung up, lasted 30 minutes but in the end everything works fine with the printer now. Nice design, good prints, both in black and in color. Connection with WLAN also everything top. Only the printer was also sent (as already read in reviews) not with USB cable. Sure, you can actually do it all if only Wi-Fi, but a USB cable for security (for example, if the line fails) would have been appropriate! But as I said, installation well, no USB cable but with TOP device. The operation is very easy and the printer was immediately recognized.

Canon Pixma TS5053 Drivers Download
Canon Pixma TS5053 Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS5053 Download
I have meanwhile used the second set of cartridges. Although it is not particularly expected in the field of photography, the TS5053 presents results that should be suitable for most users. I particularly appreciate the faithful reproduction of colors, whether the default settings are used or that all the sliders are pushed to their maximum. As often, the two settings have a similar average colorimetry, but with some differences depending on the colors. The "default" settings are better for skin tones (dE of 4.6 vs. 6.5 with maximum settings) and grayscale (dE of 3.5 vs. 4.5), but a little worse for other colors, be it cyan, magenta or green. In addition, I evaluated the colorimetry of black-and-white photos using color ink cartridges. With the finest adjustments, we obtain a not quite neutral gray, which will tend to "pull" towards a particular color, for example blue or magenta. Finally, I looked at the resolution that the camera was able to restore, by printing smaller and smaller lines. I find that the default settings are best able to produce the finer details. But it should be noted that overall, the resolution to the printing of photos remains lower than that which one gets at the printing of office documents.

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Canon Pixma TS5040 Driver Download

Canon Pixma TS5040 Driver

Canon Pixma TS5040 Printer Driver Download. Setting up the Canon Pixma TS5040 printer is also feasible with little knowledge (connection via USB). The print image is surprisingly good for a home device. The printing speed is ok. The operation is simple and self-explanatory. So far I am satisfied with this printer. But I do not agree with 2 constructions. The paper support for the feeder is very unstable and you can not create a large supply of leaves. A paper drawer would have been the better solution, since the paper is stored in this protected. That one has to open the control panel when printing is very impractical. That could have been solved differently. For the reason that you can also equip the printer with cheap foreign cartridges, the operation is understandable and that the printer for a home device makes a good print image.

Canon Pixma TS5040 Printer Installer
I can recommend this Canon Pixma TS5040 printer is very easy to use; It is very convenient and time-saving to scan and make photocopies. The printer works relatively quietly and also fast. It can be easily adjusted and operated. For this price in any case recommended. Durability will be put out, because I have the printer only half a year in operation. This Canon Pixma TS5040 little printer/copier/scanner is exactly what I was looking for. The connection to the computer (Mac OS) is very easy. After the supplied printer cartridges are installed, a connection to the Internet is established and the printer driver is inked. Load paper and off you go. The print (four-color) is clean.

Canon Pixma TS5040 Drivers Download
Canon Pixma TS5040 Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS5040 Download
The Canon Pixma TS5040 printer is quiet and fast. It is only used for my private use. So I hope for a long life. So, this is a world-class printer, easy to open and to set and prints perfectly. And because of 4 1/2 stars, if someone does not know the stuff it can be difficult, but there should be no problems. I especially like that the Canon Pixma TS5040 printer is also available in white and gray. And otherwise he does his job well! It also meets my expectations. Paper from above for me important. I am convinced of Canon since the beginning. Simple, clear handling. recommendable. The delivery worked well. The printer is an easy-to-use device and the print result is good. It was also important to me that the printer is not too big and takes up little space. Canon Pixma TS5040 works as described. I have no problems with printing over WLAN. Print quality is absolutely fine for the price. It has met my expectations. Canon Pixma TS5040 photo prints better than the original images. 

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Canon Pixma TS6040 Driver Download

Canon Pixma TS6040 Driver

Canon Pixma TS6040 Printer Driver Download. I am satisfied with this Canon Pixma TS6040. Scanning, printing is easy. The print cartridges are easy to change. Inserting paper is also great, only the cover from the paper tray is a bit difficult to fix. I was satisfied with the delivery and the packaging. Choosing a printer can sometimes be a science. Everything was done right with this model. Packaging was good. I've been a fan of Canon for a long time, so the new one should come from the Canon family. Duplex printing required. So far manual hardly needed. Packaging and yes a lot of garbage, but there's no deduction from me. Long-term test too early for a statement. The Canon Pixma TS6040 runs with me under mac OS and AirPrint for Smartphone and Tablet. So far I had no technical problems, unfortunately there were problems with the installation of the software at the beginning under MacOS (OS-X 10.12). Since 10.13.3 (beta) this works too. For the replacement of a laser jet, a network-capable printer should again be available, requirement was full Linux support.

Driver Download Canon Pixma TS6040 Printer Installer
This Canon Pixma TS6040 is a discontinued model from 2016 and actually ideal for Linux. The next day the device was there, I did not need a manual and otherwise almost everything went smoothly, more on that later. The device is quite heavy for a printer with scanner and well packaged, the transport lock is orange here, so everything is covered with orange tape is one of them. After inserting the power plug, the printer does some self-tests and shows graphically if something is stuck. The cartridges should now be used and who wants to use the thing with WLAN must now select his network, I found the key to enter a little annoying on 3 inches. If you have not downloaded the Linux driver from the homepage, you should do it now. You can either install the right packages immediately, or call the script, both seem to work.

Canon Pixma TS6040 Drivers Download
Canon Pixma TS6040 Driver Download

Printer Driver Canon Pixma TS6040 Download
Now the Canon Pixma TS6040 printer is set up normally via cups or whatever, I chose the port 9100 with Jet Direct when selecting the connection. I do this with network printers always so, who else wants something else can of course do that. The scanner shows bitchy under Linux, I was not able to persuade "simple scan" to cooperate (not yet). On the command line the tool Scangear2 has to be called, you can create a link to the start menu. All this applies only to the Wi-Fi operation, with USB connection everything can be different and was not tested !. The tool for scanning is quite rudimentary and Epson has found here the better solution by the scanner over the network can be used with the normal programs. The ink tanks are only for setting up and who wants to print should order XL tanks. The quality is good and the print image is sufficient. I think I'll be happy with that. Overall a great device, prints flawlessly, is small and thus takes up little space. Scans photos in super quality. Even several small (digitizing of grandma's pictures) can be inserted simultaneously and all are saved individually as a .jpg. Saves a lot of time. Stupid is only that the printer always cheats out of the WLAN and then only reinstallation or a restart of the router helps. A little unhappy, but otherwise great.

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