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Citizen CY-02 Driver Download. The Citizen CY-02 has a large media capacity, maximum operating comfort as well as alongside its large stock of media as well as its exceptional repose of operation, the CY-02 is the perfect colouring sublimation printer for jobs where media central is equally rare equally possible. Thanks to to a greater extent than impress capacity as well as particularly slow as well as fast media change, you lot tin locomote for certain non to waste materials fourth dimension alongside your printer. So you lot tin accept assist of your customers. The Citizen CY-02 printer tin prints 700 photos inward 10x15 cm or 350 photos inward 15x20 cm per roll. Its detailed role display gives you lot an overview of the printing condition as well as progress at whatsoever time. The most of import advantages at a glance alongside larger media capacity upward to 700 prints per whorl as well as user friendly alongside uncomplicated commissioning, slow as well as fast media change. The 2 surface options as well as for high-gloss or matte photos. Citizen CY-02 industrial plant alongside Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, as well as 10 too Mac OS X inward connectedness options USB 2.0.

Citizen CY-02
The advanced mensuration of the build novel Citizen CY-02can locomote most bully for the ones printing excessive volumes of 6x8” prints who tin straightaway impress 3 prints per minute, inward comparing to 2 prints according to infinitesimal that may locomote predicted from the same one-time CY photograph printer. The massive media capacity as well as outstanding repose of exercise build the CY-02 the correct dye sublimation photograph printer for packages where infrequent media replenishment is a priority, inclusive of retail outlets, occasion photographers as well as photobooth operators as well as leisure parks.

Citizen CY-02 Software Driver Download
Citizen CY-02 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Citizen CY-02
With greater prints feasible due to the media capability as well as slow media converting, the sturdy CY-02 printer guarantees customers pass much less fourth dimension servicing the printer as well as to a greater extent than fourth dimension that specialize inward their clients. The Citizen CY-02 printer produces 700 4x6” (10x15cm) or 350 6x8” (15x20cm) prints inward keeping alongside whorl whilst monitoring equipment as well as drivers build for certain users are inward entire command of all printer functions always. Being a Citizen Photo product, customers tin locomote confident of market-leading levels of technological as well as technology scientific discipline excellence.

Download Driver Printer Citizen CY-02
Also alongside virtually i hundred years of revel in, Citizen has a wealthy historical by inward precision technology scientific discipline across many markets. Once such marketplace, as well as maybe the maximum acquainted inside the purchaser market, is the scout department. What is much less familiar to the ones operating inward the photograph share is that the same precision technology scientific discipline method this is adopted for scout layout as well as manufacture, is too implemented to the mechanics of the inner structures inward Citizen Photo printers. Something that actually sets the logo apart from the opposition roughly reliability as well as exceptional.



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