Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Lexmark Genesis S815 Driver Download

Printer Driver Download Lexmark Genesis S815

Lexmark Genesis S815 Printer Driver Download. We bought this printer and it worked for a few months. Then it stopped printing. Lexmark purchaser service said this was a recognized challenge and sent a brand new print head. Then that one was "unhealthy" so that they resent one other one. Eventually they said it was a trouble with the printer itself and despatched us a "new" (aka a refurbished S816) printer. That one under no circumstances worked. So we devoted hours extra to going for walks by means of the troubleshooting method with their technical support again, simplest to have them tell us that it was once a trouble with the printer itself, Again. Oops however now we're previous the warranty.

Marshall from Lexmark corporate informed us "you are out of guarantee and we don't even make inkjet printers any further nothing i will be able to do." He did present that if we wish to spend more cash with them on a new laser jet printer he might get us a discount. Critically?? The scanner is special. Scanning is rapid and clear. Printing and connectivity have been horrible. When I don't print for at the same time the print head seems to get clogged. Once I run the "clean print head" system it appears to use a ton of ink requiring me to purchase extra ink cartridges.

Driver Lexmark Genesis S815 Installer Download

Download Driver Lexmark Genesis S815

I referred to as Lexmark, they instructed me of path, i might ought to use specific cartridges. If purchased all 4 cartridges are practically $80.00. If one runs out, the printer does now not work anymore. Printing does not look quick at all (i am not a professional) i do not even like the exceptional of the printing. I notion i am utilising an all-purpose paper, possibly that is why. However even with a extra high-priced paper, prints the same. Then after about one 12 months, at the same time I was once altering the cartridges, I got an error. Called Lexmark and i was once informed that the printhead desires to be transformed.

Being in guarantee they ship a brand new printhead, and it didn't work. They ended up sending a brand new printer. Six months later, while changing cartridges (precise), prints only in yellow. Known as Lexmark they steered I will have to alternate the printheads again. Once more? I asked...They said "we realize your frustration, and may provide you with a discount of 10%" because the printer's warranty ran out :( that is fantastic!!!! That is on a printer, used at home, that doesn't run more that 50 pages per thirty days - sometimes no longer even 20 pages. I would now not suggest this printer to someone.

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