Friday, October 2, 2015

Brother MFC-1810 Driver Download

Free Brother MFC-1810 Driver Download

Brother MFC-1810 Printer Driver Download. The reason for the acquisition of the Brother MFC-1810 was dissatisfaction with my inkjet printer. Since I only need from time to a printer, the cartridges were almost always dried out or smeared by a printer head cleaning almost obligatory required. The rare use (once to twice a month) then played a role in the purchase decision for this relatively cheap device. The Brother MFC-1810 to obtain a fax, a scanner, a copier and a printer. I opted for a device without WiFi. The assembly and installation of the driver was simple and works without any problems (operating system Windows 8.1).

Driver Download Brother MFC-1810 Installer
However, the first impression was then a little disappointing, because in the pictures affects the material quality, than it actually is. The individual covers for the scanner and the paper tray held by a not particularly stable acting Plastic which can be moved only sluggishly. The danger of dropping it, seems great. Neither the display nor the On / Off button is lit and unfortunately can be the anthracite-colored font on the gray display surface a poor reader. The lack of lighting can not detect whether the device is to be collected. At power raises immediately the fax beeps and very noisy. Since I do not use the fax function, the annoying me a bit and I am still looking for how I can set the whole thing so that it starts in the printer mode.

Driver Brother MFC-1810 Installer Download
Brother MFC-1810 Driver Download

Printer Driver Brother MFC-1810 Download
As is now the result of printing? I was looking forward to the first term and had here already read that the rollers leave once on paper prints. That was the case with my device. The paper clearly showed the marks of the printer rollers. Fortunately these traces disappear after a few minutes completely and the paper looks back as smoothly like before printing.

Driver Printer Download Brother MFC-1810
The previously printed documents have a very good quality. The letters are sharp and nothing is blurred. The scan quality is to name very well and I can complain about anything. Only when I use the machine as a copier and the ADF use, I'm not satisfied, because the pickup simply can not be adjusted so that it feeds straight. The result is a skewed copy every time. That is, to get a reasonable copy, I can only use the single edition, which already something annoys me.

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