Download Driver Samsung Ml-1450

Driver Samsung ML-1450

The Samsung ML-1450 is a network-capable Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation printer that offers high 1,200 dpi resolution, a 15-ppm rated speed, as well as a powerful 66 MHz processor. It's PC as well as Mac compatible as well as slowly to use. H5N1 basic command panel permits quick cancellation, reprints, demos, as well as activation of toner-saving mode.
The large-capacity input tray as well as ii output stations expand your printing options. With ii outputs--a exceed tray receiving pages face-down as well as a bring upward tray delivering pages face-up--plus straight-through prints from the multipurpose tray. You tin stack 550 sheets for printing as well as 100 to a greater extent than inwards a supplemental tray. You tin impress on envelopes, postcards, menu stock, as well as custom paper--all the media most offices need. Customize your documents alongside printed watermarks.

The compact ML1450 fits into most offices every bit a desktop printer, mensuration simply fourteen yesteryear xvi yesteryear 12 inches as well as weighing 27 pounds. An automatic interface switches betwixt parallel as well as USB. The built-in four MB of RAM is expandable to 68 MB. The ML1450 supports a monthly duty bike of 12,000 pages, as well as the measure single-cartridge toner life is 6,000 pages (the starter cartridge is entirely close 3,000 pages).
 H5N1 basic command panel permits quick cancellation Download Driver Samsung ML-1450
Driver Samsung ML-1450

Download Driver Samsung ML-1450

Operating System(s): Windows XP, Win 7
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  • Samsung ML-1450 Win7 Driver Download (12.63 MB)
Operating System(s): Mac OS X
  • Samsung ML-1450 Mac Driver Download (0.47 MB)


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